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Microwinery in Roiffé ©Thomas JELINEK - Agence Zebrelle

Opened in 2021 on the initiative of three friends, Kévin, Léo and Nicolas, the Micro-Winerie installed in the heart of the Domaine de Roiffe has more than one foam tower in its walls! So it was in the company of our group of friends that we tested the brewing workshop.

Complementary wines and beers

As beer lovers, when we learned of the existence of workshops where you can make your own beverage, we jumped at the chance. Especially since they are supervised by a professional team. Nicolas, the host, is also the manager of this new kind of brasserie. For a long time he brewed on a personal basis. Then, family and friends ordered from him. What was a hobby became more than an occupation and encouraged him to take the step of creating a dedicated place.

In 2021, alongside its two partners, the trio is taking the next step by launching the Micro-Winery in a building of Domaine de Roiffe refurbished for the occasion. A concept where wine also plays a large role.

Make your beer from A to Z

We have chosen the complete workshop formula lasting 4 hours during which we will create our micro-brew from A to Z. This allows us to understand all the stages of preparation, from crushing the seeds to fermentation. Four recipes are presented by Nicolas. After some hesitation, we opted for barley brewing.
Let's go ! A bit of an alchemist, a bit of a cook, a bit of a brewer, we scrupulously follow the instructions, without distracting each other, that's the most difficult part.

A little foam to wait

Boil for an hour. This waiting time is transformed into a tasting of the beers brewed at the Micro-Winerie. The perfect opportunity to learn all the secrets of a good brew. Once our preparation has cooled, we add the hops, the concentration is maximum for all of us because the bitterness of our personalized fifteen-litre brew depends on it. Already comes the last stage of our workshop, we now have to wait for the fermentation process to take place.

Tasting at the Micro-Winery
Tasting at the Micro-Winerie de Roiffé©Thomas-Jelinek – Agence-Zebrelle

In aperitif mode!

Three weeks later, a package arrives at home: our homemade beer. It is not without pride that we discover the fruit of our labor in bottles whose personalized labels bear our first names. All you have to do is place them in the fridge and send out the invitations. The time to taste our creation has finally arrived, it’s a success!

Without having become zythologists (the oenologist of beer), we find the aromas mentioned by Nicolas during the workshop and we enjoy sharing these great memories. All we have to do now is return to the Micro-Winery to test this time the Loire wine blending workshop!

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