Stained glass workshop at the Curzay-sur-Vonne Stained Glass Museum

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Stained glass workshop ©Thomas Jelinek - Agence-Zebrelle

Located 30 minutes east of Poitiers, Curzay-sur-Vonne hosts the Stained glass museum in part of the Saint-Martin church. Today it is one of the rare structures still existing on stained glass in France. The museum invites you to rediscover this ancient art: nothing beats a manual workshop where you create your own stained glass window! What if you let your artistic soul unfold with your family?

A mother-daughter workshop to create your own stained glass window

The young Léa who tells us about her day with her mother and her big sister.
I am too proud! Mom took me for a fun game today. It was in a big church with very very colorful windows. I looked at them for a long time because the sunlight passed through, it made rainbows on the ground.

Afterwards, a lady told me that mom and I could do colorful drawings too. She told me it was called “a stained glass window”, and that here in Curzay-sur-Vonne, it was one of the only places in France to present this art. Apparently it's very old, and it was a very famous profession "at the time".

I chose to do a butterfly, because it's my favorite animal. My sister made a nice frame. The lady gave us glass pieces with lots of colors! A little pink... green... without forgetting blue. I love blue, and I want a blue butterfly! Mom helped me because I forgot to make her wings.

After gluing the pieces of glass together, I wanted to see the stained glass windows in the church windows again. I really enjoyed the day, and even asked dad for a book to learn more. As I was leaving, the lady gave me our blue butterfly and mum said to me:

It's superb my darling, are we going to display it in your room? And you give him a name for this little one?
Yes, His name will be… Spirit!
Stained glass workshop©Thomas Jelinek – Agence-Zebrelle

Like Léa and her family, go to the Stained Glass Museum to follow this activity. For a creative activity, Ecla'Mosaïc a few kilometers away awaits you for an introduction to mosaic, also suitable for families.