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Hike The birds of the Plaine mirebalaise ©Bastien SAUVE - Agence Zébrelle

Located in the Upper Poitou just minutes from Mirebeau , the municipality of Chops is the perfect place for learn more about birds. With its 9km discovery trail in the Mirebalaise plain, Chouppes talks about its heritage and allows you to discover more about these birds. On this sunny afternoon, we discover the story of a family who love hiking.

Browse Chouppes between fields and forests

Sneakers on the foot, backpack, binoculars, bottle of water et snack in your pocket, let's go for a family afternoon ! We take the departure of this hike place of May 8 to 9 km ride, approximately 2h Steps.

In the square, stands theChurch of Saint-Saturnin from the XIrd century, a nice Romanesque building. We start this hike with a small climb to get our legs going, towards the wine mill, highest point in the valley. We discover that it was built before 1813 and having ceased its activity around 1905, it has been completely restored.

At its summit, an observation platform offers us a magnificent view on the countryside and the fields as far as the eye can see. In the distance we see theMirebeau church. We then descend to theold railway line. The site has been laid out to create a hiking trail, in the shade of the trees. We take this opportunity to take our first refreshment break and have a snack!

A family hike in search of the sweet song of birds

What we find interesting on our journey are the panels regularly arranged with photos of the birds to be observed. Chaffinch, Song Thrush, Blue Tit, Ortolan Bunting, Quail, Common Whitethroat, Linnet, Little Bustard… more than thirty species are listed. The children have their eyes riveted on the trees to try to see them.

Hike The birds of the Plaine mirebalaise©Bastien SAUVE – Agence Zébrelle

In addition to knowing more about their diet, their habits, we can scan QRcodes to listen to their song.
The walk is pleasant, we listen... the birds chirp, chirp. From where proviennent these chirps? Some show us the tip of their beak in the field, others cross the path or land on a branch a little further.

The return on Chops is done by the fields, a passage above the Prepson, then by the wood. To end this charming walk on a high note, a nice XNUMXth century dovecoterd century unfolds before our eyes. Out of curiosity, we go there!

We all had a great afternoon with the family, it's time to go home and leave our sneakers. We will come back to the Vienne to travel the many paths of hikes

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