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The path to Compostela, a legendary pilgrimage route that has attracted intrepid travelers for centuries, offers you an experience rich in history, spirituality and cultural discoveries. Among the many routes that lead to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the one crossing the Vienne is a adventure in its own right, revealing a treasure trove of natural and cultural heritage. We present to you the four sections by following as closely as possible the GR 655.

1st Stage: Entry into the Vienne, from Port-de-Pile to Châtellerault

Freshly arrived from Indre et Loire, you now arrive on the threshold of Poitou, to a natural and cultural adventure rich in Vienne. Throughout your walk, take the time to admire the villages, religious buildings and castles that surround you. To Elms, admire this magnificent castle  of the Age of Enlightenment and its majestic horse post. Outside the building, stroll along the paths of the French garden, faithfully recreated according to the plans of the time.

Reached Chatellerault, take the time to stroll and explore the charming streets of the city. Admire it Henri IV Bridge, recently renovated. Continue your way through the websiteold arms factories, nicknamed Manu. Today, this former industrial site is an essential place of culture and leisure for the whole family. Have fun discovering the different spaces of the Manu, accessible on foot. To see the city from above, gain some height thanks to the Vilmouth towers, former chimneys of the Manufacture, which offer a 360° view of the city and the Châtellerault national forest.

2rd Stage: From Châtellerault to Poitiers

The hiking adventure continues towards Poitiers for a stage of around 35 km! From Châtellerault, cross the different towns of Naintré, Dissay and Chasseneuil-du-Poitou. It's a real moment of contemplation that awaits you in Poitiers !

Whether you arrive from the GR on the Chemin des Crests to admire the panorama of the city or directly going down the Cueille Aigüe, enjoy the many buildings in the city. Admire theChurch of Our Lady of the Great, St. Peter's Cathedral or the Salle des Pas Perdus built by Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Take advantage of your stopover in Poitiers to stay in one of the accommodation solutions of the city and its surroundings. 

3rd Stage: From Poitiers to Lusignan

Continue your route between Poitiers and Lusignan, a stop between 27 and 32 km according to the route and cross Croutelle, Ligugé, Fontaine-le-Comte, Coulombiers then Lusignan and discover the story of one of the magical people of the Middle Ages: the Fairy Mélusine.

If you take the longest route via Ligugé, take the time to visit Saint-Martin Abbey, 1st Western Abbey built in the year 361. On the other hand, if you opt for the shortest route, the route will take you through theAbbey of Fontaine le Comte, built under William X to the XIIrd century. 

Lusignan, a small town of character

Located at a twenty kilometers from Poitiers, cradle of the legend of the Fairy Mélusine will not fail to amaze you with its charm. Since July 2022, Lusignan has joined the network of Small Cities of Character. During your walk, admire the numerous historic monuments registered or classified, most of which date from the Middle Ages: theNotre-Dame-et-Saint-Junien church, beautiful red half-timbered house dating from the XNUMXthrd century.

I explore Lusignan
Medieval town of Lusignan©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

4rd and last stage: From Lusignan to Chenay (79)

This last section of the Camino de Santiago in the Vienne takes you through the countryside and forest. In Saint-Sauvant, stop for a moment to admire theSaint-Sylain church in Saint-Sauvant of the XNUMXth centuryrd century. cross the Saint-Sauvant National Forest and be attentive to the fauna and flora. 

All the elements are there to reach Compostela…

So now it’s your turn!

Put on your walking shoes, take your pilgrim's staff, and set off to discover the Camino de Santiago in the Vienne, where each step is an invitation to wonder.

Along the way you will find room and board thanks to the presence of catering points, houses et guest rooms, hotels et campings. A few stations also line the route and will allow you to easily access the route or return home.

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