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Looking for activities for your children aged 4 to 12? We offer you a top 50 activities to keep children busy and have a great time with them! Explore and experience unforgettable moments with your family thanks to our selection on all themes: history, nature, sweet and strong sensations, enigmas… You will no longer be short of ideas to please your children with this Top 50 experiences to enjoy in the Vienne !

The essential activities for children in Poitiers and its surroundings

   1.   Dive into the heart of a breathtaking tornado and embark on extraordinary journeys with the attractions of the Futuroscope. 
   2.   Create unforgettable memories with Expériences Famille for the Vienne. Whether you are two, three, four... or a large family, the activities are made for you and everyone will have a role to play!

Discover Expériences Famille for the ViENNE

No more activities intended only for children! Expériences Famille is THE selection of activities where parents and children are at the heart of the action. Puzzle solving, immersive tours, artistic workshops, unusual stays or surprising explorations... There is something for everyone in the Vienne !
Find all the activities rigorously selected to give you a guaranteed moment of complicity with your tribe!

I try the experience with my family
Expériences Famille©Pomme Verte – Amélie R. Photographies

   3.   Visit ChallengePlanet for a unique stay in the heart of nature and choose your unusual accommodation!
   4.   Come see the monkeys up close at The Valley of the Apes. You will be fascinated by the 450 residents living in semi-freedom, without cages or barriers.
   5.   Take a romantic break at Mothe-Chandeniers Castle and discover the sublime marriage of nature and stone!
   6.   Go on an extraordinary adventure land of dragons while searching for Professor Sheppard, she will lead you from a lush oasis to a secret laboratory. 

The Top Aquatic Activities for 4-12 year olds

   7.   Enjoy the famous Aqua Mundo at Center Parcs through its indoor and outdoor aquatic worlds, its wild river, its thrilling slides... a swimming paradise!
   8.   Come you swim in natural waters in the Clain to the Tison islet in Poitiers then have fun at the Guinguette Pictave.
   9.   Dive into the big blue at Abysséa Aquatic Center in Civaux (yes, you can really try your hand at apnea!)
  10.   For beginners or experienced, come "ride" in wakeboard on the lake with Moncontour Nautical Ski Lift.
  11.   Prepare to take the plunge into La Piscine Aquatic Center de Châtellerault, on the program: water games, flowing river with waterfalls, geysers, spa, 65-meter slide…
  12.   Water and nature lover, take the helm at Mini-port of Cenon and embark on an electric boat.
  13.   Sandy beach, swimming, pétanque court... Choose to relax at the Domaine du Lac de Saint-Cyr  or activities: canoeing, sailing, slides, beach volleyball!

Tobogganing at Center Parcs©Interaview_Eric_Bergoend

Meeting the animals in the ViENNE

   14.   Open your eyes wide and admire the ball of the birds with The Giants of the Sky. In the heart of the medieval city of Chauvigny, this large-scale spectacle will fascinate you.
   15.   Come meet the animals at the educational farm  Fermotheque and get your hands dirty!
   16.   Take part in an extraordinary hike with Cani-Rando, in the heart of nature for an unforgettable memory in contact with our friends the sled dogs.
   17.   All in the saddles even the toddlers and have fun at the Liniers Equine Club.
   18.   Join the pack for an unusual cani-rando ride with Kolyma.
   19.   Listen carefully and follow the discovery trail to observe the Birds of Chouppes : chaffinch, song thrush, blue tit, ortolan bunting, quail, common whitethroat, melodious linnet, little bustard, it's up to you to find them.
   20.   Discover country life and take part in family activities with La Little Age Farm.

Activities for young athletes

   21.   Family fun at the Domaine de Roiffe golf course, do like the grown-ups, an 18-hole course! And prolong the experience by staying in this magnificent domain.
 Share a moment of nature, pleasures and sensations in the great adventure course in the forest Fun Forest, joyful atmosphere guaranteed!
   23.   Stroll in a fun way with the courses Tèrra Aventura which will make you explore the Vienne and its nuggets while playing (and it's free!).

Browse the Tèrra Aventura for the ViENNE

Explore the four corners of the Vienne in a fun and free way, it's possible with around forty Terrà Aventura routes in the Vienne. With family or friends, let yourself be guided on your journey and try to answer the riddles to uncover the treasures. The most courageous will be able to venture on the only night route of the Vienne in Vouneuil-sous-Biard which will have plenty of surprises in store for you.

I discover the Tèrra Aventura
Terra Aventura South Vienne Poitou Momentum Productions Mickael PLANES 9917 - Tourism Vienne©Momentum Productions – Mickaël PLANES

   24.   Get off the beaten track and enjoy an unusual ride with the BikeRail of Chauvigny. While pedaling, discover the view of the Medieval City of Chauvigny, its castles and its Saint-Pierre collegiate church, cross bridges, footbridges and viaducts through the hilly bocage.   
   25.   Hike with a donkey or llamas on the trails of the Vonne valley with the beautiful year, these animals will fascinate you!
   26.   Pedal on the unique route of the Green Line under the sign of railway heritage on the side of Châtellerault, it's 40km of green track offered!
   27.   Come, take an electric all-terrain scooter and discover beautiful routes in the forest with  Trott'In Poitou.

Chauvigny Rail Bike©Pomme Verte – LibelLab

Children's activities when it rains

   28.   Organize an afternoon by taking your child, his cousins ​​or his friends to Owl Land, everyone will have fun on the many giant inflatable structures.
   29.   With queens, Kings, Rooks or even Knights: Meet at the Chess Museum in Scorbé-Clairvaux and discover more than 150 different games!
   30.   Get ready for a thrilling day of gaming at Game Park: Quiz Room, Laser Maxx, Goolfy, Cube Challenges or Pirate Island, the hardest part will be leaving.
   31.   Immerse yourself in the world of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine and go in search of her treasure. Time will be against you! Meet in the city center of Poitiers at Escape League!
   32.   Have you ever dreamed of flying? Immerse yourself in the world of controlled free fall to experience new sensations, all a stone's throw from Futuroscope in zerOGravity.
   33.   With friends, family, put on your skates and do your best slides at the Rink of Grand Poitiers or that of Chatellerault (La Forge).
   34.   Marvel at Space Planetarium Mendès France in Poitiers an afternoon to dazzle your eyes.
   35.   Learn about family climbing at Roof de Poitiers then share a meal in this completely transformed former post office sorting room. 

Culture & heritage for 4-12 year olds

   36.   High place of the historical heritage of the Vienne,Royal Abbey of La Réau will bring you back to the Middle Ages with workshops or escape games! You will be won over!
   37.   At the Château d'Epanvilliers, we make you discover the Ancient Game Museum told with passion by its owner.
   38.   Understand prehistory better by discovering this sculpted frieze dating from the Magdalenian period at the Roc-aux-Sorciers Interpretation Centre. A human testimony that will arouse emotions and questions.
   39.   Go through a part of the history of France and the Vienne au Museum The Vienne in World War II : weapons, gas masks, uniforms, everyday objects, parachutes and scenography on the demarcation line, we tell you.
   40.   Follow the life of a rural family in Poitou at Cormenier, an original way to introduce the youngest to the traditions of the past century through lively and interactive rooms.
   41.   Experience great adventures at Monthoiron Castle : play “Da Vinci Code” with the children on the “Leonardo’s Treasure” course or look for LEGO® insects
   42.  Savor the emblematic delicacies of Poitou by visiting the Almond and Macaroon Museum ! You will know everything about its history, its manufacture.
   43.   Enter at Castle of Monts sur Guesnes to dive into the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Richard Coeur de Lion in a playful way! An exciting epic!
   44.   Come and discover the exceptional treasure of theAbbey of Saint-Savin, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and take part in its unusual visits!

Le Cormenier in Champniers©ACAP

Our nature ideas for your young children

   45.   Take a break in the heart of Poitiers at Blossac Park,  one of the most beautiful public spaces in France, discover the various gardens and the zoological park and enjoy the magnificent view of the Clain valley.
   46.   As a family, get ready for an incredibly soothing sensory experience with Bellinda and François, for a Forest Bath. It happens in the middle of the Moulière forest and all year round!
   47.   Dive underground at Norée caves very close to Poitiers, with six accessible rooms and 150 meters of galleries, petrified waterfalls and stalagmites will be within reach of discovery!
   48.   Lose yourself in the labyrinths of Plant Labyrinth! Different levels, sizes and themes to challenge!
   49.   Be charmed day and night at the Parc de la Belle in Magne. During the day, we love the sublime floral park which extends over 12 hectares, and at night we love to fall asleep in a cabin on stilts or in the trees.
   50.   Feet in the air, opt for The Valley of Legends Park and its 9 courses planned with different apparatus: nets, rope bridges, zip lines.

We cheat a little bit and we offer you the 51rd for pleasure !

The favorite activity of Expériences Famille 2023

   51. Meet at Grand Workshop, museum of art and industry in Châtellerault. Aboard the Châtellerault-Paris Express, by bike or car, set off on a journey from 1890 to the 1970s. Each station brings its share of discoveries, trials and games. This activity is a “family favourite” among the Expériences Famille for the Vienne. 

We hope to have satisfied you with our Top 50 activities for children from 4 to 12 years old. We didn't lie to you: Vienne is rich in cultural and entertaining places for the whole family!

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