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The Unusual sites of the Vienne ©ACAP

Visits as close as possible to crocodiles, original stays in the heart of green parks, unique puzzle games in places steeped in history and many other surprises: these are the Unusual Sites of the Vienne ! It's up to you to try to win invitations to the 14 Unusual Sites in the department. 

How to discover the Unusual Sites?

Place your bets and activate the machine… you have one trial per day! If it's lost, come back the next day to play again. And if it's won, you have epic days with your friends and family!
Remember to enter your details after your participation in the form provided for this purpose: you are automatically registered for the Great Draws of Unusual Sites to win stays at Futuroscope in DefiPlanet' and even more surprises and gifts galore!

The Unusual Sites of the Vienne©ACAP

And if you take the time to find out who these famous Unusual Sites ? Follow the leader.

Unusual Sites for Laughing and Having Fun

We all want to laugh out loud, to have fun with our loved ones during our free time. This is what the Unusual Sites of the Vienne and especially these!

The Futuroscope Park: unusual by nature

How to talk about unusual and fun experiences near Poitiers without mentioning the famous Parc du Futuroscope? Renowned throughout France and even on an international scale, this park contributes to the influence of the Vienne since 1987. Find new attractions like Chasseurs de Tornades (world-wide award-winning attraction), the Extraordinary Voyage, or Objectif Mars and its family roller coaster: they will transport you to places that will exceed your imagination.

Objective Mars Futuroscope Calune Gloryparis D LAMING Architect Futuroscope Park AEROPHILE 11155 1 ​​- Tourism Vienne©Calune_Gloryparis_D_LAMING_Architecte_Parc_du_Futuroscope_AEROPHILE


Try to win a trip to the park Futuroscope thanks to the Grand Prize Draws for Unusual Sites! The gift contains: a nice weekend of two days and one night in a three-star hotel as well as a VIP Cube and Quiz Room evening at Game Park !

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Game Parc: days of fun guaranteed

Do you like activities that stand out? then you will love Game Park ! This place of indoor activities 15 minutes from Poitiers is one of the places in France where unusual and fun meet. It is also the ideal place in case of rain or very hot weather!

Program :

  • Golfy, a mini-golf course immersed in blue light for a guaranteed colorful and crazy atmosphere
  • LaserMaxx, a 500m laser game zone2 on two floors
  • The Cube: 23 different rooms where physical, thinking or agility challenges are distributed
  • Quiz Room, immerse yourself in a game show style setting and challenge your knowledge with family or friends
  • And even more surprises…

Our castles of unusual princes and princesses

In the Vienne, heritage is one of the favorite visits of the curious and history lovers. The Unusual Sites of the Vienne offer you two castles to rediscover the past in a fun and unusual way!

The Castle of Monthoiron

Who would have thought that at about thirty kilometers from Poitiers could there be a building imagined by Leonardo da Vinci? Yet it is the little secret that contains the Monthoiron Castle. We keep the surprise for you but it is one of the visits of the Vienne which is worth the detour...

To make your discovery even more fun, two courses are proposed in the gardens of the castle and around the Fortress Tower (signed Leonardo da Vinci, please!): Leonardo's Treasure which challenges you through a journey of 20 puzzles to find the treasure of the famous inventor Léonard Génie, comic book hero of the same name. As well as the Karmanor's Secret, treasure hunt accessible from 3 years old but also made for older children during which you can admire life-size LEGO® constructions!

The Castle of Monts-sur-Guesnes

Hear hear visitors, the Middle Ages are waiting for you! 2000m2 indoor and outdoor experiences are available to you at the Castle of Monts sur Guesnes to discover various high points in the history of France.

“History lives in Monts-sur-Guesnes and you are expected there!”

This castle which saw Louis XI or Henri IV pass by today offers a visit punctuated by scenographies which will make you live immersive experiences as if you were invited to a banquet or if you were living the Hundred Years War from the battlefield. .
The small town of Monts-sur-Guesnes is also labeled Small Cities of Character, recognizing its rich heritage!

Dress up in Monts-sur-Guesnes©Bastien SAUVE – Agence Zebrelle

Animals + The Vienne = ❤️

The guarantee of unusual visits to the land of Futuroscope is also the presence of animals of all kinds. Thanks to the unusual sites, discover places conducive to wonder by going to meet our animal friends!

The Valley of the Apes

Located in Romagna in the south of Vienne, this animal park brings together more than 450 monkeys. From the most famous like gorillas and chimpanzees to lesser known species like squirrels and golden lion tamarins, this park is one of the places in France where the environment is designed for monkeys.

The Valley of the Apes is a unique and unusual park because there is no cage or barrier, to allow a faithful reproduction of the natural living place of the monkeys. Working to raise awareness about the protection of different species of monkeys through its Conservatory for the Protection of Primates, the park is committed to informing its visitors about the importance of safeguarding monkeys and their habitats.

Lemurs at the Valley of the Monkeys in Romagne©LibelLab

The Giants of the Sky

It is in the heart of the medieval city of Chauvigny, within the walls of the Château des Évêques, that the falconry show takes place in a natural amphitheater, nestled between walls steeped in history, offering a unique setting for this aerial representation.
From the moment you enter, the atmosphere is captivating. Aviaries placed all along the path whisper winged secrets, promising an extraordinary encounter with the masters of the sky.

The first notes of music resonate, the trainers enter the arena, accompanying the stars of the day who are about to conquer the sky. Majestic eagles, swift hawks and mysterious owls soon appear, for a breathtaking aerial ballet: An unforgettable spectacle!

Unusual culture

Unusual Sites is also the opportunity to learn while having fun! Enrich your culture with these playful thematic sites:

The Roc aux Sorciers and the Fortress of Angles

When you win for one, you also win for the other! Thanks to the double entry ticket, discover these two key places in the village ofAngles-sur-l'Anglin classified as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France. THE Wizard Rock offers you the opportunity to discover more about the art and habitat of the first men thanks to the prehistoric reconstruction. Called the “Lascaux of sculpture”, the Roc aux Sorciers is one of those breathtaking places of which the country of Futuroscope has the secret! Also take advantage of your double entry to discover the Angles Fortress, a true witness to the fortified past of the village of'Angles-sur-l'Anglin.

Le Cormenier

What could be more unusual than taking a trip back in time? This is the experience offered to you at Cormenier ! Discover life around Poitiers since the end of the XNUMXth centuryrd century in this original museum.

Rural life, Trente Glorieuses, Tour de France, classroom of the last century and technical innovations, rediscover France through the ages. This route was designed to engage your senses and your curiosity.

The Grand Atelier

Do you know the Manufacture d'armes de Chatellerault ? Called "La Manu", this place which has had a thousand lives offers you in that of our time to discover the Grand Atelier, museum of art and industry. Travel through the eras that marked Châtelleraudaise life and its emblematic characters. Discover the world of cabaret, sideshows as well as a large car-motorcycle-bike collection and its “Expériences Famille"

Le Grand Atelier Museum of Art and Industry Agence Zebrelle Thomas JELINEK 2772 - Tourism Vienne©Thomas Jelinek – Agence-Zebrelle

Ho hoist… Unusual!

With effort comes comfort! The Unusual Sites of the Vienne do not dissociate sport and fun with these two physical activities that do not leave aside wonder and fun.

Vélorail of Chauvigny

Get on it Vélorail of Chauvigny, with family, couple or friends, this walk is worth the detour! You will cycle through nature and breathtaking views of the chauvinistic decor. Your efforts will be rewarded by the discovery of bucolic environments between bridges and footbridges. This two-hour walk offers you the opportunity to exercise while breathing the invigorating air of nature and take the opportunity to discover the treasure of VéloRail lovers within the Expériences Famille.

About thirty minutes from Poitiers, embark on this unusual vehicle and discover Chauvigny and its surroundings as you have never seen them!

La Forge ice rink

We have already told you about the “La Manu” site in this article and can you imagine that you can also find a rink ! Active in all seasons, this skating area offers you a parquet floor in summer to come and skate on rollerblades. The winter period is reserved for ice skating. Come and enjoy this ideal space to exercise while having fun. From 1er July to September 3, “Roller and Music” evenings are offered every Wednesday evening from 20:30 p.m. to 23 p.m.

La Forge ice rink©ACAP – Marion MARCO

Nature in all its states

One of the major advantages of Vienne is to be recognized as one of the places in France where nature is honoured. Discover how these Unusual Sites make the country of Futuroscope a green place.


The Park DefiPlanet' highlights nature and its preservation. Committed to a sustainable development approach, DéfiPlanet' offers unusual accommodation, themed restaurants and activities of all kinds such as tree climbing, the horse riding, archery or even an adventure game! About thirty kilometers from Poitiers and Futuroscope, you will also find many animals in this park, for a natural immersion in the fauna and flora.


A stay at DéfiPlanet' is to be won in one of the prizes for one of the Grand Prize Draws for Unusual Sites to come.

A stay in a caravan and family passes for activities!

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diamond - Tourism Vienne©Thomas Jelinek – Agence-Zebrelle

Beauty Park

Le Park of the Belle is a bucolic haven of peace. Enjoy a visit with family, couple or friends in the middle of nature. This floral park brings together more than 20 plants on a colorful and fragrant stroll in a natural setting of 000 hectares around a 12th century mansion.rd century. This park is also one of the great unusual opportunities to experience a disconnected stay in the Vienne with his 15 huts and 5 bookable lodges for extraordinary nights!

Domaine du Lac de Saint-Cyr

Discover the Domaine du Lac de Saint-Cyr which offers you an immersion in the nature of the Vienne. Only about twenty kilometers from Poitiers and 10 minutes from Futuroscope, this space built around an 85-hectare lake offers many activities. Beach, pedal boats, sailing, inflatable structure and many others, there is something for the whole family at Domaine du Lac de Saint-Cyr.

Camping du Lac de Saint Cyr SAGA 14205 - Tourism Vienne©SAGA


A stay at the Domaine du Lac de Saint-Cyr is up for grabs in one of the prizes for one of the upcoming Grand Prize Draws for Unusual Sites.

Program :
Two nights in an Ecolodge and lunch on the estate as well asa family pass for the Château de Monthoiron !

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Center Parcs Domaine du Bois aux Daims

Live a natural immersion by visiting the Center Parcs Domaine du Bois aux Daims in the north of the Vienne. In a forest atmosphere, recharge your batteries for a day or a stay in a family and natural setting. Also take advantage of one of the most unusual swimming spots in the Vienne with his famous Aqua World ! Slides, thrills, double water trees, wave pools... More than just a swimming place, Aqua Mundo will make you rediscover the pleasures of water in unusual fashion!

In summary…

Don't wait any longer and thanks to the Unusual Sites of the Vienne discover what the department of the country of Futuroscope has to offer you! Jump on the platform and try to win your invitations to these sites, each more unusual than the other.
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