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Medieval town of Chauvigny ©Loïc LAGARDE

To celebrate your arrival, the medieval town of Chauvigny offers you an anthology of activities and adventures not to be missed. Between majestic buildings steeped in history and unique sporting explorations, discover the must-see places in the city, to live unforgettable moments during your trip to the Chauvinois country.

The assets of this small town are well worth a nice detour

Chauvigny is a small town near Saint-Savin andAngles-sur-l'Anglin, which has many discoveries in store for you. During your holidays or for a day, you will not regret your visit to Chauvigny!

On the road to vacation, treat yourself to a quality detour

The commune has the honor of being one of the towns having obtained the “Most Beautiful Detours in France” label. Since its creation in 1998, the association responsible for awarding this distinction has been highlighting various destinations, outside the busiest areas.

It guarantees a great tourist experience for passing visitors. With its cultural richness, Chauvigny proudly fulfills all the conditions to win its title essential stopover during a stay in the Vienne.

Medieval town of Chauvigny©Nos Coeurs Voyageurs

Let yourself be guided to discover all the secrets of the city's past

Thanks to the tour guides from the Tourist Office, let yourself be told the secrets and legends of the buildings and other major places of The Medieval City . These epic enthusiasts approved by the Ministry of Culture will guide you through the buildings of your choice by simple reservation.

The unique treasures in Europe of this medieval town

Between the XIrd century and the XNUMXthrd century, the lords of Chauvigny and the bishops of Poitiers were busy building this fortress. Result ? A medieval city of great cultural wealth.

Fill up on castles in one visit

In the historic upper town, discover not one, but 5 castles or their remains in one place :
   •   The ruins of the baronial castle or Château des Evêques, where the spectacle of the Sky Giants
   •   Harcourt , the best preserved with its exceptional shooting niches
   •   Mauleon, of which only a wall remains
   •   Gouzon, with its uniquely designed dungeon and elevator, which will allow you to access a panoramic view of the city. It now houses the Industrial Archeology Space
   • There flin tower, residential accommodation on four levels surmounted by its small dungeon

The escape game enthusiasts will have the honor ofexplore the castle of Harcourt in a surprising way and unique! The stopwatch launched, try with family or friends to overcome the puzzles during an extraordinary adventure full of twists and turns.

Finally, don't forget to take a trip to the Museum of Popular Traditions and Archeology , retracing the history of industries in the Chauvinois country.

For a weekend with friends, come celebrate in the heart of the city!

Every year end of August, and only for two days, Chauvigny immerses you in the life of the Middle Ages, during a incomparable medieval festival. Enthusiasts and the curious alike will enjoy numerous activities over two days to celebrate the history of the city.

Enter the heart of a religious heritage that Europe envies us

Among the jewels of Romanesque Poitou, find the majestic Saint-Pierre collegiate church.
This important church seduces with the richness of its sculpted decorations, as well as the harmonious layering of the volumes. Inside the religious building, let yourself be surprised by the colors and details present on the capitals of its columns. These are known worldwide for their depiction of episodes from the life of Christ.

I visit the majestic Saint-Pierre Collegiate Church
Saint-Pierre Collegiate Church©Sébastien LAVAL

Between unusual sporting excursions and breathtaking spectacle, Chauvigny has everything to surprise you!

To make your stay an unforgettable experience, the city pulls out all the stops. Be careful, things are going to stir!

The Giants of the Sky are preparing a breathtaking show for you

Marvel at the unforgettable aerial ballet of the show of Sky Giants. Eagles, owls, marabous, falcons and even storks, a total of 80 birds take over the exceptional setting of the Château des Évêques to offer you an unforgettable experience.

A magical way to taste the ancestral art of falconry through breathtaking demonstrations!

Earn your atypical family visit experience with the VéloRail

To travel through the varied landscapes of Chauvigny, you will have to pedal!

With Chauvigny VéloRail, set off to explore the old railway crossings during a unique journey. As soon as you arrive, climb aboard a rosalie on rails and embark on an unusual circuit, to a memorable sports ride, in the heart of the local bocage. The VéloRail program even has a few surprises in store for you, depending on the season!

Take out the oars and your most beautiful muscles for a nature discovery over the water

The wealth of the valley Vienne Chauvinoise is revealed over the water with the Chauvigny-Valdivienne Canoe Kayak.

Once popular with gold diggers in the region, this part of the Vienne is traveled nowadays aboard canoes, kayaks, or paddle. Whether you are with friends or family, Sunday sports enthusiasts or experienced people, treat yourself to a fun and sporty break!

A refreshing activity in summer, with nocturnal walks after dark that are sure to delight you.

Taste the Chauvinois know-how!

Whether you are a gourmet or a lover of beautiful things, you will find your happiness with the craftsmen and restaurateurs of Chauvigny.

Satisfy all appetites with the city's restaurants

Enjoy a well-deserved break during your discovery of the streets of the city and take a seat at a restaurant table for your lunch.

During a meal, taste the specialties of the inn La Bigorne . In this historic place with warm decor, a wide choice of savory pancakes and mixed salads waiting for you. And after getting your hands on the famous Bigorne horn of your parcours Tèrra Aventura, devour a delicious sweet crepe during a well-deserved snack!

Meet pampered goats and taste award-winning cheeses

During your holidays, do not miss the local specialty: the chabis. The Maras Farm invites you to taste it among its goat cheese, yoghurt and cottage cheese multiple medal winners. Depending on their time of arrival, young visitors will be happy to discover goat breeding!

I discover La Ferme du Maras
The Maras farm©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

Admire the work of craftsmen with nimble fingers

It is in this city that the leather goods house Monebari produces its quality leather bags. With a choice of various models and colors, both elegant and solid, this small French craft company has everything of a big house!
Since its establishment by the Deshouilières family more than 150 years ago, the Aplico porcelain manufactory has stopped working. It is thanks to the know-how of its creators that the hard stone of Chauvigny is transformed every day into tableware for individuals, but also great chefs.

With a taste of the adventures offered by this favorite destination, when you come to Poitou, take the time to make a detour to Chauvigny! If you feel like spending several nights there, here is our selection ofaccommodation solutions.

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