We tested for you… the Valley of the Monkeys with the family!

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The Valley of the Monkeys ©Thomas JELINEK - Agence Zebrelle
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When you have children, going to meet animals is an activity that is sure to please. Located in Romagna, 50 minutes by car south of Poitiers, the Vallée des Singes is no exception to the rule… Site that is one of the essentials of the Vienne , Zoo works to protect apes and their natural habitat around the world. Back on a day closer to primates in the company of our two budding explorers Gabriel, 6 years old and Léo, 3 years old.

5 tips for a successful visit to the Vallée des singes

Before starting the day, we were given a few tips to take full advantage, such as planning a whole day, not missing a feeding session or taking a bag that closes to prevent little pranksters from playing tricks on us.

Gabriel and Leo can no longer sit still, they can't wait to explore the park. So don't wait any longer, let's go for the adventure!

"So close", more than a slogan

450 residents live within the park in semi-freedom, without cages or barriers. From the very first space, dedicated, among other things, to Squirrel monkeys, these little monkeys of 800 grams, here we are in the bath. Responding to the call of their trainer, they arrive by the dozens to enjoy their first meal of the day.

18 territories to explore, 34 species to encounter

If he's forbidden to touch them, we enjoy the show in the front row. They are only a few centimeters in front of us and are jumping from branch to branch… The children's eyes are shining, ours too.

Program in hand so as not to miss anything, head for a new territory among the 18 existing ones to meet other primates: bonobos, lemurs, capuchins, marmosets, chimpanzees... Some play hide and seek and are more difficult to spot! 34 species evolve at the Valley of the Monkeys, objective : identify them all !

Each territory takes us on a journey to the other side of the world: between Brazil and Vietnam, via Ethiopia. Our favorite territory, n°11, takes us to South America to meet emperor tamarins, golden-headed lion tamarins and titis, heavy sleepers who spend between 60% and 90% of their time resting. !

Yaoundé, the male gorilla who is the park's mascot, made a strong impression on us. This magnificent silverback, the name given to adult male gorillas, is approaching 40 years old and reigns supreme in the space dedicated to its species. Only speech seems to fail him. A single glance is enough for him to restore calm within the group. We remain speechless.

Valley of the monkeys in Romagna

Feeding: not to be missed!

Gestation period, way of life, habits of the group, character of the residents…, at each feeding, the trainer tells us everything about his little proteges. More than 40 feedings are organized throughout the day, an incredible moment!

We are struck by the exchanges between the animals and their caretakers. Leo and Gabriel don't miss a thing.

The preservation of species: a major challenge for the Vallée des Singes

During the visit, we enter the hut of the conservatory. It reminds us that we are also in a place dedicated to the protection of primates. Many of the species present in the park are in danger of extinction. The importance of the number of baby monkeys puts balm to our hearts: more than 800 births have been counted. No doubt, that at the Valley of the Monkeys, the animals feel well enough there to reproduce.

Each visitor has the opportunity to sponsor one of the little proteges of the park, a gesture of support for the conservation of primates throughout the world.

The Valley of the Monkeys has also set up The Conservatory for the Protection of Primates, an association that financially supports projects to safeguard monkeys and their habitats on an international scale.

The Valley of the Monkeys in Romagne©ACAP

The kids (and adults) loved it too…

After our lunch break at the Case des chimpanzés, restaurant in the park, we couldn't resist the urge to pet the dwarf goats at the small farm. Léo and Gabriel didn't want to leave them anymore! The silkie hens, the Marans hens and the Muscovy ducks also came to say hello.

To end the day, Léo and Gabriel also tested one park playgrounds. On the program: slides, swings and zip line. They had a blast!

For sure, we will come back, and next time, we will test a 1h30 puzzle course Expériences Famille "Kaya's Adventure", voted favorite of 2022.

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