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Nature escape, children love it

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Expériences Famille
Vélorail Lovers ©Amélie R Phorgraphie - Pomme Verte
An activity "Expériences Famille" is available here

Two lovers, a journey into the past, a hidden treasure, an investigation to solve, a strange bike…
If all this makes you dream, then this experience is for you! Are you ready ?
On the road to adventure at the VéloRail in Chauvigny!

A trip into the past

Your adventure begins as soon as you arrive, not a minute to lose! Axelle, with a smile on her lips, will welcome you and tell you a most intriguing story…

Listen carefully: while sorting through the archives, she made an unexpected discovery that shocked the entire team. BikeRail. It was in the storage room, hidden behind a dusty shelf, that she found an old, forgotten shirt.

VéloRail Lovers©ACAP – Rafca MKHAIBER

You're probably wondering: was it empty? No, quite the contrary! It contained the precious vestiges of a true love story dating from the 70s: epistolary exchanges between Lucien and Léontine, two passionate lovebirds who in turn declared their mad love for each other and revealed the existence of a chest hidden all this time .

Spoiler alert! The treasure is located somewhere near the railway line, and remains undiscovered until now. 

And now... It's your turn to play Sherlock Holmes! Your family of budding detectives arrives at just the right time. To the rhythm of the enigmatic exchanges of the two lovers, you will travel the tracks of time and set off in search of the hidden chest and the secret it contains.

Are you ready to carry out this investigation?


Cy-clo-drai-sine ! It is aboard this strange machine that doesn't go easy, halfway between a bicycle and a TGV, that you will travel along the old railway line to solve the mystery of BikeRail. The little extra? It's up to you to pedal your way forward. A perfect sporting activity to eliminate the strawberry waffle with extra whipped cream at midday. 

Chi… Crazy… Mi!

We distribute the roles for the outward journey and will reverse on the return journey. You therefore need 4 feet on both bikes and at least one speaker to guide you in resolving the investigation by reading and deciphering the love letters.

Pedaling on a railway track looks easy and it is! The hardest part is not being distracted by the view in front of you: you will be amazed.

Especially when arriving on the viaduct, where you will admire an exceptional view of the Medieval City of Chauvigny, a true heritage treasure. Don't panic, there's nothing stopping you from taking a little break to take a few photos. But be careful not to lose sight of your objective, the VéloRail team is counting on your detective skills to solve the mystery!

Looking for clues...

Pedal, observe, note, calculate, repeat.

This route (1h15 or 2h round trip) has many surprises in store for you: climbs, descents, and above all a breathtaking landscape.

Be attentive, the clues are scattered along your route, don't miss any! But don't panic, if you forget a few, you can always pick them up on the way back.
This experience appeals to your little ones' imagination, and invites them to review calculations, decipher, research, explore and demonstrate real teamwork.
With every kilometer traveled, you will get one step closer to discovering the hidden treasure! Don't give up, you're almost there!
Once you have all the clues, you just have to put everything together to find the lost chest.

We won't tell you more, but in any case, we managed to find it when we tested the experience...

But one thing is certain: with this “ Expériences Famille », pedaling has never been so fun!

It looks great ! 

We are ready to take on the challenge.

VéloRail Lovers
Expériences Famille VéloRail Lovers©©Amélie.R-photographies-Pomme Verte

From VéloRail to the Medieval City of Chauvigny

Peckish ? A gourmet break is well deserved after all this effort! Direction La Bigorne to enjoy a delicious pancake with the family.

Take advantage of this detour on the heights of Chauvigny to visit its majestic Medieval City or even stroll through its magnificent little streets.

You may have the chance to attend the bird show The Giants of the Sky and to meet many species of exceptional birds.

Vélorail lovers©Amélie R Phorgraphie – Pomme Verte


We love :

  • the unparalleled natural landscape
  • the spectacular view of the Medieval City of Chauvigny
  • sporting and fun activity in the great outdoors
  • true family teamwork

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