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It's not just Futuroscope that makes Poitiers a perfect family destination. Animal park, dynamic activities, fun heritage tours, geocaching, hotel and restaurants suitable for children... Impossible to get bored in the Vienne ! Follow our guide to find out what to do around Poitiers as a family.


Discover and have fun: our selection of activities to do in Poitiers with children 

Animal parks, castles… these traditional visits are always very popular with the little ones. But to maintain the curiosity and enthusiasm of Discover and have fun: our selection of activities to do in Poitiers with children all, families are looking for more and more interactivity and originality. There Vienne offers a very wide range of family outings.

Visits with animals around Poitiers: a safe bet for the little ones

Geocaching and mystery games: the best option for visiting Poitiers with the family

You know the new tourism concepts of geocaching or treasure hunts ? These interactive and participatory activities make it possible to discover heritage in a fun way with children. They are often free or inexpensive, they are entertaining and they present an interesting educational approach.

This is how the capital of Poitou is discovered in the form of an investigation by slipping into the skin of a Viking or Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, with adventure games offered by the Poitiers Tourist Office. For an even wider choice around Poitiers, download the application Tèrra Aventura. This unique concept of geocaching in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region offers many very motivating routes for children. Learning while having fun remains the best formula!

Dynamic activities: let off steam with the children in the Vienne

If for some holidays rhyme with relaxation and idleness, with children they rather rhyme with activities galore. Around Poitiers, you are spoiled for choice for your children to let off steam. THE Chauvigny VéloRail is, for example, suitable for the youngest as well as for teenagers.

You can even take the grandparents on this slightly crazy expedition in the Poitevin countryside. Canoeing, adventure trails, scooter rides, the department gives pride of place to active tourism.

Among the many activities Expériences Famille, you are bound to find your happiness, whatever the age of your toddlers.

Expériences Famille in Lthus©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

Heritage and castles: when history speaks to children in Poitou

Thinking of yourself as a knight, walking in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci, exploring a castle, reliving the beginnings of the Kingdom of France, entering the lair of prehistoric men… These are activities that motivate children.

The built heritage is a great support for understanding history and our origins. So head to the Monthoiron Castle , the Fortress and the Roc aux Sorciers of Angles-sur-l'Anglin, or the Castle of Monts-sur-Guesnes to learn without realizing it!

Leisure parks: sensations and emotions with children around Poitiers

Rides, shows, attractions, sporting challenges… Wouldn't that be the recipe for a great family day out?

Head to the leisure parks around Poitiers! The essential Futuroscope is of course at the top of the list. With its 40 attractions and shows, surprises and thrills await you to the delight of young and old alike. DefiPlanet' is also one of the unmissable theme parks around Poitiers. Here, you lead a treasure hunt in a magical forest where goblins and sprites live.

Physical tests and thinking games allow you to solve the puzzles. And if the children haven't worked hard enough, you can complete the day with a tree climbing course, archery or disc golf.

Rest: our selection of family accommodation around Poitiers

For peaceful holidays with children, the quality of the accommodation is very important. Calm, security, surroundings and on-site activities are generally the criteria of choice for parents.

Whether they are close to the city of Poitiers or further afield, many structures are popular with families visiting the region. Discover quickly our selection of accommodation in Poitiers !

Rentals in nature for restful nights with the family

Looking for calm for your discovery of the surroundings of Poitiers with the children?
Opt for a natural stay!
Accommodation nestled in a natural setting conducive to relaxation. Guaranteed rest!

For sweet nights, select a mobile home from the Domaine du Lac de Saint-Cyr campsite. Certified European Ecolabel, it has a vast green park and a Blue Flag beach.
If for you nature is synonymous with going back to basics, head for the Park of the Belle or Floating Village of Pressac or Center Parcs Domaine du Bois aux Daims. In these three areas, you are accommodated in wooden cabins in total harmony with nature.

Would you rather be lulled by the lapping of the water, or by the wind in the treetops?

Boat at the floating village of Pressac©ACAP

Unusual accommodations for unforgettable memories with children

If there is one time of the year when you can have fun, it's during the holidays. Not all regions have unusual accommodation suitable for children, but the Vienne has everything planned to appeal to families!

For a stay in total immersion in the world of Futuroscope, push open the doors of the Cosmos Station hotel. You have the opportunity to sleep in a real space base!

The leisure park DefiPlanet' also offers a large number of unusual accommodations.
You can choose: small house in the shape of a hen, a mushroom or a rabbit, a fortified castle in the trees, squares of stars, yurts or caravans. Whatever your preference, these are magical nights you spend with your children near Poitiers!

If you prefer the comfort of a classic night at the hotel, we offer many accommodations in Poitiers and around Futuroscope.

Treat yourself: our selection of family restaurants around Poitiers

You don't go to a restaurant with children to enjoy a gourmet menu. But that does not prevent the pleasure that can be shared with the family around a good table! 

Themed restaurants for spectacular meals in Poitiers with toddlers

In the Land of Futuroscope, meals turn into a show in the theme restaurants of the famous park. They are the promise of a gourmet and entertaining moment for all generations.

First go to Space Loop Futuroscope. In this futuristic establishment, the dishes are delivered to your table by a spectacular network of rails coming directly from the kitchens. Teens love it and the youngest are amazed!

For an exotic journey, head to Restaurant Les Pirates. You eat in a veritable haunt of corsairs: an exotic place with a warm atmosphere run by friendly pirates. The kids will tell you about it for a long time!

Space Loop Restaurant at Futuroscope©Bastien SAUVE, – Agence Zebrelle

Restaurants in nature for a moment of disconnection with the little ones

Hassle-free, inexpensive and homemade meals, that's all we're looking for during a vacation with our dear little ones.

This is what the Guinguette in the woods of Saint-Pierre near Poitiers and the Beach Bistro on the shores of Lake Saint-Cyr.
On the menu: burgers, fish & chips, salads, pizza, aperitif boards. The first address welcomes you in the shade of the trees under which the parents take advantage of a moment of freshness while the children play mini-golf. The second address immerses you in a more summery atmosphere with the sand and blue of Saint-Cyr lake as the only backdrop.

You couldn't imagine such a long list of activities to do with children around Poitiers? And yet, we haven't told you everything! We didn't talk about the museum Le Cormenier, nature reserves or even bathing places...

It is therefore high time to set a date and book your stay near Poitiers!

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Parks and Green Spaces

Nature is very present in the agglomeration of Poitiers. With no less than 14 parks and gardens, the capital of the Vienne offers many opportunities for outdoor walks, for the greatest pleasure...

Blossac Park
The Gloriette de Blossac ©ACAP
Top 5 Leisure Parks

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