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ZeroGravity in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou ©zerOGravity

Have you ever dreamed of floating in the air? This dream can come true thanks to zerOGravity ! Immerse yourself in the world of controlled free fall to experience new sensations, all a stone's throw from the Futuroscope. We take off?

The zerOGravity complex

This complex Poitiers is the first indoor free fall center in the Vienne and the first to open in New Aquitaine. Young and old, alone, with family or friends, you will find fun for everyone. Discover together the sensations caused by flying in a wind tunnel in complete safety. This futuristic-looking activity takes place in a tunnel more than 4m in diameter and 17m high! Accessible from 5 years old, make the most of this new and unique experience with all the members of the family!

All you have to do is let yourself be carried away by the flow of air blowing inside the vertical tunnel. Feel the wind lift your limbs and experience the new sensations felt thanks to this jump into the void. Accompanied by your instructor, let yourself be carried in a breath at more than 200 km/h and learn to move through a fully glazed vertical tunnel.

A place designed for all profiles

Zero gravity flight, very little for you? If you just want to accompany your children, no problem! Observe them during the flight over a drink or a snack on the comfortable sofas facing the tunnel. Show guaranteed! Bonus: it is possible to offer flights to your loved ones, but will they be able to?

ZeroGravity in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou

Zero gravity and energy sobriety

Experience zerOGravity is also an energetically optimized experience. Thanks to its cooling system by air renewal, you can enjoy a baptism with a lower carbon footprint than the production of half a liter of milk! Enough to combine fun, sobriety and a unique experience!

Whether you want to experience a unique moment or whether it's just for the pleasure of your eyes, zerOGravity will add an original and unusual touch to your vacation.

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