Le Rucher-École des Apiculteurs réunis


The aim of the association is to develop beekeeping and to publicize this activity through various events:

- raise awareness among children and activities through beekeeping exhibitions in different places (multipurpose rooms lent by town halls, supermarkets, etc.),
- put hives for rent on sites of individuals, small and large companies, with in return a delivery of jars of honey in the names and colors of the renters,
- help communities to create their own apiary by training their staff and follow-up after training,
- rental hive for pollination all year round in Montamisé and Chasseneuil-du-Poitou,
- courses on queen breeding (grafting and other methods),
- collection of pollen and propolis.

Take advantage of your training rights to do a beekeeping course: 40-hour course with the possibility of returning

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