Musée de l’Ordre de Malte


Housed in the outbuildings of the Château de la Roche (magnificent XNUMXth and XNUMXth century castle), this museum, unique in France, is dedicated to the Order of Malta. It houses in its outbuildings a fine collection of souvenirs related to this Order of Chivalry, set up by Count Géraud MICHEL de PIERREDON, Bailiff of the Order of Malta, Hospitaller and representative of the Order to the French government.

Retracing the history of the Knights of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta from their origins to the present day through cards, medals, armour, films.

Also worth seeing: Castle and chapel from 1530, very beautiful stained glass windows (awarded at the 1867 Universal Exhibition in Paris, signed by Maréchal de Metz, leader of the School of Metz, painter and master glassmaker) and gardens.

Nearby: the Parc de la Belle.


Conditions of visit: Guided tour

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Museum themes: History
Order of Malta Museum
Castle of Roche
86160 MAGNE