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Calligraphy workshop at ARTelier in Montmorillon ©Pomme-verte
An activity "Expériences Famille" is available here

The art of calligraphy arouses your interest? So enter the workshop of Sylvie Edeline who is just waiting for you toARTelier de la Gartempe to introduce you to his art. To start, she will surely ask you her favorite question: Êare you more pen or brush? It is, in any case, the one she asked the Rousseau family from the outset, who let themselves be tempted by learning upstrokes and upstrokes, for a few hours with this activity stamped " Expériences Famille ».

Are you more pen or brush?

It was with this strange question that Sylvie Édeline welcomed me, Annie and my daughter Fanny to her studio in Montmorillon, known to be the City of Writing and Book Trades. We are immediately put in the bath: a table stands in front of us with a lot of feathers, brushes and other utensils dedicated to calligraphy without forgetting their inkwells.

During the first half hour, she therefore presents all the tools in front of us, one by one, so that we can fully understand their usefulness. Fanny seems super interested in what the craftsman is saying and is happy to be able, for once, to touch everything.

leaf stroke - Tourism Vienne

Then comes the time to move on to practice. Before creating our own work, Sylvie offers us to practice on training sheets specially designed for this. She takes the opportunity to reiterate her original question: then pen or brush? Fanny throws herself on a beautiful feather and I on a paintbrush. Here we go ! We write religiously between the lines accompanied by the hand of our mistress for the day. After a few moments, the upstrokes and downstrokes no longer have any secrets for us and it's all smiles that we move on to the next step: creating a bookmark!

Calligraphy workshop at ARTelier in Montmorillon©Pomme-verte

To each his own work!

Sylvie then hands us each a small bookmark cut out of parchment. She still gives us a few last tips and then we get started. Fanny then has a brilliant idea: she will do the calligraphy part of our bookmarks with the different feathers and I will do the watercolor parts or the graffiti-style parts with the brushes made available to me. I am impressed by Fanny's creativity which never stops! I watch her very focused on her accomplishments and I can't help but smile.

These moments both seem to fit out of time for me until Sylvie inspects our creations. She seems satisfied with us and gives us as a reward for this excellent afternoon of sharing, a badge « Expériences Famille ". This is really what corresponds perfectly to this workshop: a real experience shared with the family with these moments of astonishment and happiness together.

Next time I will push my husband and son to try their luck at theARTelier.

If, like Annie and Fanny, you love those out-of-the-ordinary moments when you put your creativity to the test with your family, find other suggestions for activities and experiences with the Expériences famille or the game of geocaching Tèrra Aventura. Also remember to consult the accommodation near Montmorillon.

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